Welcome To The Home Of International Quizzing

Quizzing is the most popular hobby on the planet. You’ll find quizzes and trivia in newspapers, on websites, in pubs and even on the sides of cereal boxes. People all over the world love them!

Here at the International Quizzing Association, we take things even further. We established the International Quizzing Association (IQA) to bring quizzers together from around the world in high quality quizzes, and to help create and support national quiz organisations.

Our mission is to bring the World Quizzing Championships to television and to have quiz recognised as a mind sport. We want to actively encourage people to want to know about the world around them.

There are lots of ways of joining in with what we do. You can take part in the monthly Hot 100 quizzes, or you can come along to one of our major events.